Easter Trilogy

Part 1: The Resurrection of the Prophetic

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Gerhard Polt always likes to broadcast the sketch with the Nikolausi and Easter bunny. No joking before Easter, I would like to bless you with a sermon from Nicholas, the 2nd of Advent, about a special model of faith that unfortunately comes far too short in our devotions:

The Gospels give a detailed account of the Incarnation of the Son of God. However, Mark and Luke write at the beginning about another person who was to be great before the Lord. The Messiah said no one was greater who was born of a woman. Imagine this great person as a small baby in the mother’s womb. At a special kind of encounter, the tiny one starts jumping in the belly. Two pregnant women are meeting. They are relatives, probably cousins. Their names are very common:

And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and cried aloud and said (to Mary): „Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb! And how is it that the mother of my Lord comes to me? For behold, when I heard the voice of thy salutation, the child leapt for joy in my womb. Yes, blessed is she who has believed, for what the Lord has said to her will be fulfilled!“

What is impossible with men is possible with God. A deeply believing married couple, whose desire to have children was denied for decades, had a child at an advanced age as a remarkable sign for the people of Israel. The father Zechariah prayed in the temple in Jerusalem. His task as a priest included offering sacrifices. The roster sent him to the Most Holy Place on a high holiday. There the archangel Gabriel met him with an incredible promise. Zacharias was overcome with fear. God silenced his voice because of all his doubts. But his son would be a guiding prophet for the Jews with the name Jochanan (Hebrew יוחנן = God is gracious):

And he will bring you joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth. For he will be great before the Lord. He will not drink wine or strong drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb. And many of the children of Israel will he convert to the Lord their God. And he will go before him in the Spirit and in the power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous, to prepare a ready people for the Lord.

John the Baptist is one of the most misunderstood biblical figures of our time. Yet his unpopular proclamation of repentance and conversion is as relevant today as it was then. The preacher/Kohelet wrote that there was nothing new under the sun, everything that was would be the same again. Nowadays religious and political leaders do not raise their voices to warn the people either. Everything is in perfect order. The good news brings increasing prosperity. Everyone can fulfil their dreams in our society. God’s message is grace and love. There is no call to change the mind so as not to get lost. Instead, people are lying the gospel would be full of tolerance. If God does not tolerate something, it is our sins that separate us from him. All people have sinned and do not attain God’s glory. To accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and follow him is the way to forgiveness. His blood washes us clean from all sin. But what power does the cross have in our lives if we continue to remain in sin?

John was an uncompromising preacher who would be sued today for insulting or sedition. He did not mince his words and accused his listeners:

You viper breed, who has instructed you to escape the wrath of God? So now bring forth fruit worthy of repentance.

Then his countrymen repented at the Jordan and were baptised by him. He did not have to perform miracles like Elijah or Jesus, so that hurrying tax collectors and soldiers trusted him and changed their lives. They did not give up their profession, but behaved more honestly. To prepare the way, the message of the coming judgement of God was enough. The coming Advent is the second coming of the Lord of all Lords. The King of all Kings is not only a peaceful Lamb, but a mighty Lion from the tribe of Judah.

In our Advent season it is customary in the romantic candlelight to worship a half-naked child carved from wood in the manger under the Christmas tree. Enchanting putti with a tiny willy became modern in paintings or as a sculpture in the baroque period. High altars with the little baby Jesus in the hand of the great Mother of God do not make me get down on my knees, but drive me up the wall. Instructions in the Word of God not to make an graven image or any likeness are ignored. More discomfort is caused by flashes of inspiration about the unexpected appearance of the Son of God sitting at the right hand of the Father. Recited in the confession of faith, he will come from there to judge the living and the dead. The adventus Domini (Latin for arrival of the Lord) is meant to commemorate this impending event. A meaning that is quickly forgotten. The annual celebration in memory of the birth, combined with beautiful gifts, gives more joy worldwide. The mood can get out of hand if research is conducted into the origins and historical models for Christmas. Indeed, pagans used to celebrate the sun’s birthday on 25 December and ignited lights in its honour. Hard-working Bible students can find birthday celebrations with symbolic settings in the Book of Books. In Genesis 40:20 Pharaoh celebrates his birthday and brings two servants out of prison. They eagerly await their return to the royal court. Indeed, at the banquet the cupbearer was allowed to pass the cup of wine again. However, the head of the bakers was hanged according to his dream interpreted by Joseph. It can be assumed that he was guilty of a poisonous attack on Pharaoh.

In the New Testament, Herod Antipas makes a devastating judgement on his birthday, which is recorded in history books as the reason for a lost war. Because kings can get away with anything and do not have to put up with anything, the rebellious moral preacher was unceremoniously eliminated. Animalistic is when the stud stallion mounts the full-grown foal next to the magnificent mare. The horny buck had nothing against a three-way deal with mother and daughter. So much for the shocking interpretation of the oath to give away up to half his kingdom. And this to a beguiling dancer who attained dubious fame as Salome. The other half may not have been reserved for himself, but for his brother’s adulterous wife. In any case, the enticed away wife did not oppose to a physical union with her daughter. Certainly, the unscrupulous Herodias had an irrepressible hatred for John the Baptist, who doubted the legitimacy of her marriage. She was desperate to have his head served on a dinner tray. It was a great birthday and a hard to digest feast, with a very bad memory for the great and the supreme and the nobles of Galilee.

The first martyr in the NT was considered a prophet by large parts of the population, even though the Pharisees and teachers of the law did not let themselves be baptised by him. When asked about the authority of Jesus, none of the high priests dared to answer his counter-question:

Was John’s baptism from heaven or from men?

John led an ascetic life in the desert close to the lowest place in the world. Comparable to Essenes in Qumran and unmarried monks who rejected possession and money. Therefore he was independent and did not need any payment. So he fed on locusts and wild honey and did not eat bread and wine. His simple robe was made of camel hair with a leather belt. In films he is often depicted as a crazy screamer with whom one can hardly identify. His simplicity is also not a model for prominent professional preachers who beg money for themselves and expensive buildings and are not called by God. For the outraged religious leaders of the time in the rich, high-altitude Jerusalem, his person offered little or no point of criticism. But why was John so great, to return to the words of Jesus in Luke 7:28?

I tell you that among those who are born of a woman there is none greater than John the Baptist. But the least in the Kingdom of God is greater than he.

John was so great in the eyes of God because he was the most humble man of his time. Humility is the complete opposite of pride. Pride that is tolerated by narcissistic presidents and self-important superstars. God’s ways, thoughts and standards do not correspond to our spirit of the times. The way up in spiritual maturity leads down. In Philippians chapter 2 you will find the attitude that corresponds to the nature of Jesus Christ.

Do not do anything out of selfishness or futile ambition, but humbly respect the other person more than yourself. Each one look not only at his own, but also at the others.

We are to become like children and receive the kingdom of God like a child to enter into it. In heaven (which is much higher than the low earth) no one will boast about his great name. It is an innumerable gathering of believers from all nations who worship the Lamb, who alone is worthy, before the throne of God.

And he preached and said, „After me comes the one who is stronger than I. I am not worthy to bow down before him and loosen the straps of his sandals.“

The Baptist did not rule the people, but wanted to be a faithful servant, giving way to his heavenly Lord. Unfortunately, few leaders take him as an example. Instead, a doctrine hated by the Lord in Revelation 2 (overemphasis on appointed leaders instead of equality among brothers and sisters) is held on. The seduced Nicolaitans are derived from the literal meaning of niko = to prevail/rule and laos = people. In those days, Nicholas did not come with a rod to punish, but brought the gift of licentiousness. I did not plan to finish this article on St. Nicholas Day, 6th December 2020. Fear overcomes me at the thought that today is also the 2nd Advent.

In the Old Testament Jonathan did not want to rule and renounced the royal throne in favour of David. He also gave his best friend his robe, tunic, sword, bow and belt. There are few king’s sons who are so generous and prefer to be number 2 instead of number 1.

Even John’s disciples were not enthusiastic about resigning because suddenly more people flocked to Jesus and his disciples to be baptised.

John answered and said: A man cannot take anything unless it is given to him from heaven. You yourselves are my witnesses that I have said I am not the Christ, but I am sent before him. He who has the Bride is the Bridegroom; but the Bridegroom’s friend who stands by and listens to him rejoices greatly at the Bridegroom’s voice. This my joy is now fulfilled. He must increase, but I must decrease. He who comes from above is above all. He who is of the earth is of the earth and speaks of the earth. He who comes from heaven is above all.

John was not at all arrogant or boastful in his role as the Lord’s forerunner. He recognised that God wants to be strong in our weakness, wants to make less into more. The seed must fall into the earth and die. His ministry was coming to an end. This would serve for the best. Behind lock and key, the doors were still opening for the righteous and holy man. For the troubled king nevertheless liked to hear the Word of God from the mouth of the powerful preacher, though without changing. In captivity, with plenty of time for prayer and intercession, Jochanan received an inspiration which is often interpreted as weakness and doubt. Two of his disciples were sent with the question:

Is it you who should come, or should we wait for someone else?

Speaking for myself and for posterity, I find the question excellent, because it had a specific purpose. Not only the disciples were strengthened in their own faith by Jesus with the words:

Go and tell John again what you hear and see: the blind see and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, the dead rise and the poor have the gospel preached to them. Blessed is he who does not take offense at me.

As they left encouraged, another compliment followed before the people:

Yes, I tell you, he is more than a prophet. It is he of whom it is written, behold, I send my messenger before thy face, who shall prepare thy way before thee. (Malachi 3:1)

Another ancient prophet speaks of the Baptist with foresight:

It is the voice of a preacher in the desert: Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight! Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low, and crooked things shall be made straight, and uneven things shall be made level, and all flesh shall see the salvation of God. (Isaiah 40, 3-5)

John was anything but haughty. A symbol of the humble who are exalted and the proud who are humbled are the valleys that are exalted and the mountains that are humbled. The serpent that leads to sin goes crooked ways; obstacles bring down. The following remarks on Revelation 16 fit in with this:

Pride is an attitude that God particularly resists. The Ancient of Days will humiliate all that is high in his fury and anger. The kings of the earth, who are seduced by the Antichrist, the beast and false prophet, will gather together in the well known Battle of the End Times against the Lord and His Anointed One on a vast plain. The place is called Armageddon.

Is it not foolish to fight against God when it is clear from the outset that you will lose. Many self-righteous people are reluctant to pray, Lord have mercy on me poor sinner. The sacrifices that please God are a broken spirit, a frightened, shattered heart you, God, will not despise. David recognised his guilt and sin in Psalm 51.

After Jesus had resisted the temptation of the devil, high up on a high mountain, and on the highest place of the temple, he would not have needed to be baptised by John at all. But the Lord wanted to lead by example for all of us. The Father testified in the voice from heaven:

You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased!

I ask you to take John as a model in addition to Jesus. They are the most humble people described in the Gospels. And yet you don’t like to identify with John the Baptist. In the end, I would like to challenge you to be more attuned to his style of preaching. More on this tomorrow.

Part 2: The Sufferings of the False Brother

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

I may have got it wrong yesterday with the sermon style and the season. In the parody, Gerhard Polt becomes more and more specific:

No, that’s not Nikolausi, you know, it’s spring. No, that’s Easter bunny with the earli.

St. Nicholas hands out the gift with his rod – a sweet Easter bunny beautifully wrapped in chocolate. Jesus took the whip in his hand full of anger in the temple when he was settling accounts with the profiteers, although no man has more love than our friend and master. The Word of God is living and effective and sharper than any two-edged sword. It is a judge of our thoughts and dispositions of the heart. It hurts when it pierces us to the marrow or divides soul and spirit. Our words bring about salvation when we confess that Jesus is Lord and yet we can curse God with our mouths. I usually think long and hard before I write anything. Words written down or spoken quickly are often thoughtless and stupid. Words can be healing, but also very hurtful. Believe me, I only mean it well and would like to correct undesirable developments with the following cautionary example. The evangelist from Munich who was addressed was informed by me in advance with nicer words about the reasons for this approach:

A Super-evangelist feels offended

Ouch, that hurts! Why does IDEA report so one-sidedly about prosperity preachers and mention nothing positive? Take good care evangelical alliance, the spiritual unity of the body of Christ is in danger. Stephan Steinle is getting mightily upset. A long letter to the editor was written by the important evangelist and empowered leader of International Harvest Plan e.V.. The chairman of the board, who is planning a huge harvest, boasts of having reached four million people in India and Pakistan in his 25 years of ministry and sees himself confirmed as a particularly empowered and anointed evangelist through the many salvations, healings and deliverances. Who dares to contradict the untruthful reporting of Christian events, that millions of brothers and sisters worldwide are personally offended and horrified by the exclusively negative reporting of ideaSpektrum (circulation approx. 40,000), which does not bring anything good at all. The man knows what he is talking about, after all, he trained in the USA with the so-called “faith/prosperity movement” in Dallas, Texas. Not once in six years did he and his wife notice systematic heresies, misinterpretations of Scripture or fraudulent behaviour (if he was not blind then, he is at least deaf to factual arguments now). And if so, where are there not aberrations, exaggerations and heresies? He is sure that literally “millions and millions” of people like him all over the world have been saved through these very preachers and ministries and have received clear, systematic and conclusive teaching of the Word of God.

And what if it is not so? I thought Jesus Christ was the Saviour and the Anointed One and not the antichrists and falsechrists (they come in the literal meaning instead of Christ) doing signs and wonders to deceive people. If one compares the lives of the true apostles and their transmitted words with the prosperity gospel and the word-of-faith doctrine, one can easily find many discrepancies.

For example, the true disciples are sent out without a purse and a bag of supplies, in contrast to the prosperity preachers who show their bank accounts on TV and whose ministries devour millions in donations, which could certainly be used more effectively according to the doctrine of talents. I expressly warn all Christians who invest in the ministries of the super-apostles, since the Lord will one day demand an account of what has become of the money. A disgruntled Steinle takes offence at Karsten Huhn’s scornful reporting and has no objection to Kenneth Copeland’s three jets or two Rolls Royces from Creflo Dollar or Benny Hinn’s brilliant Rolex. The latter liar vowed after criticism in the media to give up his expensive watches and suits and devote himself more to the poor, which, unlike Steinle and other advocates, I have not forgotten. After all, in another gospel one must always let the soul prosper, and it would be a proof of righteous, right faith to be rich, healthy and successful. In other words, the exact opposite of how the humble prophet John the Baptist, evangelist to the nations Paul and the true apostles lived and worked (these also did not rent stadiums and pompously announce miracles). In paradoxical practice, money is then taken out of the pockets of the poor, who are made to believe that souls are saved in large events held as a show.

False brother Stefan Steinle, if you are reading this it is not too late. I speak to you in the love of Christ. I have been amazed at your foolish remarks and have taken the trouble to watch you preach on the internet. I, I, I hear I and see the same boasting with numbers and the same pride as my old pastor Peter Wenz. Your vision is to preach exalted on the stage in front of as many people as possible, thereby Jesus would come again. You brag about working more signs and wonders (Summer of Miracles Series 2018), and saving unbelieving Muslims in faraway lands. Hopefully you have not hurt and financially exploited as many Christians at the Gospel Life Centre in nearby Munich who are suing you before the throne of God. Do you also see it as your task to carry the Word of Faith movement of Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland from the USA to Germany? Instead of thinking now that I am a tool of the devil, have you ever thought that you yourself could be inspired by the devil and consequently end up in hell?

Your spiritual fathers have drilled into you that you must only think positively. You are convinced that the God of the Old Testament will never judge you because you are in a New Covenant where there is nothing but love and grace. In the end, you are denying yourself the chance of repentance and salvation. Therefore, be wise and let yourself be rebuked, even if it hurts you.

For all the sceptics who find my words too harsh. Kenneth Copeland demonstrated how a covenant works at a recent faith conference and takes Rhema Bible College graduate Professor Greg Stephens to help. In a symbolic communion, the brothers mix their blood with grape juice and then drink it like Judas. The Wizard wants us to do it in exactly the same way every time we take communion. This is what his Lord showed him. God speaks to me through his Word that everyone who drinks blood will be cut off. Ouch, that hurts! If we are not careful and repent we will all perish, as prophesied by Jesus Christ in the blood mixing of Luke 13.

Yours brother Mathew

Part 3: The Death of the False Apostles

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Gerhard Polt is getting louder and louder: „Yes, so, snotty boy, how can I explain it to you, so no, I’ll smack you in a minute, no? That’s an Easter bunny, not a Nikolausi.“

The following letter written by me will normally be seen as a slap in the face and an attack. But I think it is a special Easter gift from me, because the bad guy is not me, but someone else.

The addressees were first and foremost sect commissioners and a film producer:

As a long-time member and former house group leader of the Gospel Forum, I would not have thought to contact you once. In the past, I have tended to regard you as enemies of my charismatic church. However, concern for my underage nieces and nephew prompts me to pass on the following information with the request that you utilise it in your work.

During the period of my membership in BGG from 1993 to 2018, I have had to witness people being severely emotionally hurt time and again, and I do not want my relatives to experience the same. My brother-in-law, who attends the Gospel Forum, desperately wants me to delete the revealing collection of documents about the Gospel Forum dispute on my website Streit im Gospel Forum – Battle in the Gospel Forum – Jonathan Fischer (matthiasruf.blog).

I am not a psychiatrist, but I am nevertheless certain that Peter Wenz suffers from a mental illness that has for years led him to severely hurt people around him. This is all the more dramatic because those under his protection do not perceive him as a danger but think he is a miracle worker – the Lord’s anointed. For example, in our street evangelism team we once invited a man from South Africa to the English Bible school School of Servants. When Peter Wenz somehow found out that this man was gay (attempted advances?), he was banned from the hallway, screaming, and what I couldn’t understand at all, my friend Stephan got a „and you don’t need to come any more“ threw at him in the heat of the moment, which was very painful. My first house group leader Dieter from Echterdingen was also hurt in the Valleystreet because he resigned in defiance (despite fruitful successes, a younger, inexperienced area leader was put in front of him) and was banned from services as a reaction. The other board members tried in vain to reconcile, just as I did. In the statement on the congregational situation, they describe their helplessness because Peter always decides everything on his own. Through my friendship with a church secretary (she did not allow herself to be forbidden to marry a missionary), I knew long ago that Peter Wenz has two sides and that it is often noisy in his office. My friend of the same name, Peter, whom I know from the Christusbund, was slandered from the pulpit during a marriage crisis, saying he was dangerous and to blame for all the problems (his wife was probably friends with Sabine Wenz). He told me how painful it was to be expelled from the BGG assembly at that time in front of his friends without being able to defend himself. The list of brothers and sisters deeply wounded in their souls can be continued, see especially at the other side of the coin and clarification on my blog.

The second board member Gottfried Seiler writes in his letter shortly before his death about wolves that should be exposed and removed. I am convinced that if his brother and the other fled board members had been cleverer and, for example, had taken a lawyer themselves, their manipulative boss would no longer be in office. But full-grown men allow themselves to be intimidated and run away in fear, instead of summarily raising the question of no confidence and voting the first chairman out of office.

Quite a few companions can testify to how the head shepherd hurt sheep with a choleric character. You probably already know the life stories on cleansed.de. The website, which appeared at the front of internet searches, was one of the reasons for changing the name from BGG – Biblische Glaubensgemeinde Stuttgart to Gospel Forum Stuttgart E. V.. Of all people, the former press spokesman Jens Wätjen, who was hired to improve the image, blackens Peter Wenz in his „Straight through the Heart“ report and is a co-founder of a new church.

He who is wise allows himself to be rebuked. The proud one accepts no correction in sayings.

I once dreamed of changing things for the better as Peter’s advisor (I am distantly related through the daughter-in-law). To his credit, I was invited to his office three times and he answered my emails quickly. However, I can only confirm that he and his wife Sabine do not accept criticism at all. Apart from the pastor couple Martin and Betty Heidenreich, many other staff members left the Gospel Forum not entirely voluntarily or frustrated after they dared to address grievances. By the way, there are many parallels between Donald Trump and Peter Wenz, not only in the removal of long-time staff. One quickly comes to the conclusion that both could be grandiose malignant narcissists. Don’t you dare become threatening or no longer useful. This led to the following employer assessment:

After 30 years of membership and friendship + 7 years of employment, you are chased like a dog from the yard. Unfortunately

Working atmosphere

Has become unbearable and unsustainable since summer 2018. I did not want to work in such an atmosphere again.

Supervisor behaviour

Bottom drawer. Sorry for this term, but unfortunately there is no other way to put it. Threatening, manipulating, ignoring, etc. This is the order of the day if you have a different opinion. In addition, there is a very individual perception of things and an infinite number of half-truths that are taken out of context and sold as truth. Long-time co-workers, employees and friends become enemies in case of disagreements, with whom one can deal as one pleases without any respect and about whom one can say what one likes.


There is no good communication structure as the whole structure is very hierarchical and patriarchal. Areas that are assigned to you can be completely changed at any time through the veto process. When things don’t work, they are not talked about, they are just swept under the carpet. Often you hear about important decisions that affect you from others without ever being informed personally.


There are two systems. One for friends and family and one for the rest. Unfortunately, nepotism can be observed in many areas.

Now there is the theological side with the assertion that the Lord’s anointed should not be touched. This is not a problem specific to Peter Wenz, but to many self-aggrandising generals of God among Pentecostals and Charismatics. The fathers of this teaching come from the USA. In ideaSpektrum there was recently a warning about the spiritual giants Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn (I used to devour their books and watch them for hours on TV). For my family of 6, it was beneficial to attend the services of the Evangelische Landeskirche and to withdraw from the sphere of power of the pharaoh at the top of the pyramid at the local YMCA.

Peter and Markus Wenz will certainly distance themselves from the super-apostles and present themselves as moderates. But who did they invite as a guest speaker to the Night (?) of the Holy Spirit for Christian young people to be established in the faith? Joseph Prince with his hyper-grace seduction or Bill Johnson whose Bethel Church has gained notoriety for occult practices (Grave Soaking, Destiny Cards). The Word of Faith false doctrine was eagerly spread by Todd White in the Hans Martin Schleyer Hall or Porsche Arena. The capable evangelist with the fancy clothes and long mane is an outspoken disciple of faith hero Kenneth Copeland (Jean-Luc Trachsel also wants a jet matthiasruf.blog/current/magic-and-wealth/) and defender of miracle worker Benny Hinn (www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XVM-tJ4C5k). Another cautionary example with bad fruit is New York pastor Carl Lentz, once celebrated in Stuttgart and an outspoken friend of the Wenz family. Hillsong founder Brian Houston had to fire him, in his own words, because he was narcissistic, manipulative, difficult, and an extremely hard man who abused people and did other hurtful things.

Of course, Peter Wenz, who lives in an ideal world, has nothing to do with this. In commenting on similar offences, he would not dream of hurting others (previously he was accused of election rigging and compared to Hitler because of his dictatorial, idolised style of leadership). There is no denying his affiliation to the guild of the above-mentioned faith healers, whose followers are convinced that special powers emanate from them and that prayer requests are better answered through them. I expose this kind of sorcery in my fiction novel with the character of Elymas Wicked-Oz, who takes over a charismatic congregation in Stuttgart. Another real-life brother who dominated and controlled a Christian congregation already made Wenz uncomfortable. He was a guest speaker at the European Revival Conference in Cologne by the fake Doctor Terry Jones, who rose to dubious fame with the Burn a Quran Day. In 2010 I wrote presciently on my blog:

Today I am embarrassed that 15 years ago I myself made a pilgrimage to CGK in Cologne to attend a faith conference where my pastor was invited as a guest speaker by Terry Jones. Peter Wenz is now just as ashamed, as he confessed in the last service at the Gospel Forum in Stuttgart. After the leader of the BGG- Biblical Faith Church even apologised for the behaviour that is not compatible with Christianity, we can only hope that the dominant, manipulative behaviour of the untouchable anointed one will not be repeated in other charismatic churches in the future…

Hope dies last. In matthiasruf.blog/current/the-mindset-koenig-sauls/ the bad character of Israel’s first king is described. Saul never really repented of his disobedience; disobedience is sin like sorcery, and reluctance is like idolatry and idolatry.

A congregation broke up after co-pastor Thomas Berner dared to claim that his long-time friend and one-time supporter was no longer in the will of God in all things. Peter Wenz was convinced that Thomas had to apologise to him and take back his words. What was really the trigger of psychological problems in the former Albanian missionary Berner? Why did so many other employees in the church office become sick in their souls and resign after sometimes long periods of time off? It amazes me that a boss can psychologically injure his employees so badly and that the health insurance companies have to pay for it. And then genuflecting pledges of allegiance are demanded in communal prayer times of the staff.

To date, I have not heard any real apology for misconduct from the boss responsible for the health of his staff. Admonisher Martin Seiler is said to have received an „I never want to see you again“ on his way out.

I would be happy to provide further information if you have any questions. I also have no objection if you forward this e-mail to others. I informed your colleagues in Stuttgart last week. After so much concentrated criticism, I would like to conclude by emphasising that not all activities in my former church are bad and that there are many lovely people there.

Greetings from Ostfildern-Ruit

Matthias Ruf

It is sad how little I have been heard by brothers and sisters in positions of responsibility with the cases of spiritual abuse. Journalists and sect commissioners have understanding for my request to have Peter Wenz removed from his posts and give assistance. The failed mediator Gerhard Rundel unjustifiably accused the critics in the ex-board of not taking a stand on false accusations and informing the press. The writing true initiator is made out to be an internet slanderer. The opposite can easily be proven by interviewing the victims online and compiling a documentation. One of the people wounded in their soul was complemented out of bible school to return as a cameraman. The assignment was to work on a reportage about Peter Wenz and the Gospel Forum years ago.

This is not an April Fool’s joke when I announce that I will soon be doing inglorious publicity for Peter Wenz’s fellow campaigners and supporters. I imagine that at the end of a television programme about abuse of power in Christian churches, I will list the names of the decision-makers and ministries that have ignored two warnings from me within two years. Those who think they can despise my references to abuse of power and do not even find it necessary to write me a reply need not be surprised when my zeal flares up. It is about children who are abused by their spiritual fathers. Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, please do not be angry with Nicholas or me if you soon find your names and works on my website. It would be enough for me if you write back to me and give a factual reason why you cannot or do not want to remove Peter Wenz and the Gospel Forum from your committees. I predict that if you do not distance yourselves, you will soon be regarded as a terrible cult.

Now I see my mission not in fighting people, but in exposing hidden demonic powers that have crept into the church. I mean domination, manipulation, control and jealousy. Anyone who would like to read and listen to more after this Easter trilogy is cordially invited to listen to or read the fiction of the life of Jonathan Fischer as a special Easter Bunny gift, in which the wizard Elymas-Wicked Oz sneaks into a charismatic congregation. Check my words to see if this is really how it is in Scripture in the MP3 sermons. I am receptive to criticism and will be corrected. In the Education section there is a brand new, witty article on Flesh & Spirit in the Book of Esther by the humble, highly gifted Swiss theologian Dr Roger Liebi. Why are clever Bible teachers with precious messages despised and instead believed in fairy tales of signs and wonders and a revival of Europe and blood washing of Africa?

I like writing and preaching also in English.

Yours brother Mathew Call

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Without naming names, it is very telling how a D-network pastor responded to my advice with a short demand:

Leave me alone with your emails!!! G. Z.

The D-Net is an association of leaders in Germany under the care of Chief Apostle Peter Wenz. On https://www.d-netz.org/ you can see pictures of the annual gathering for the Pastors‘ and Leaders‘ Conference in the Gospel Forum in Stuttgart. As a D-Netz partner, for example, you paid 70 euros for admission to the STRONG 2020 conference, instead of the usual 90 euros. The friendly togetherness made for a strong, good feeling. The laughter on the faces was by no means an act. The king had called to the table (Proverbs 23:1). My family used to provide for the physical well-being of the court officials by baking cakes and volunteering as servants to help with the catering. Figuratively, the guest meal can be compared well with a cute Easter bunny baked with sugar icing, which, by the way, has no biblical context at all. St. Nicholas, depicted with a rod, is also available in silver-paper-wrapped chocolate form to enjoy. In reality, he was the bishop of Myra with a good reputation, in contrast to the heretic deacon, the head of the licentious Nicolaitan sect. To repeat: Niko=dominate/victory and laos=people. Jesus hates a two-class society among brothers, who are certainly not allowed to call themselves father. Taking a closer look, one finds a lot of weighty heads on the websites of the partner congregations, who also dominate their congregation members as high-ranking personalities. Their first aim is mutual esteem and respect, secondly they want to learn from each other and thirdly they emphasise the importance of their own fivefold ministry. The prophetically gifted personalities do not want to learn anything from servanthood in true humility or from me. But at least, instead of a harsh tone, I also received politeness and love from a sister from the North:

Dear Matthias,

as I have not signed up for your newsletter/ mailing list, I would ask you to take me off the mailing list as I do not want to receive these emails any more.Thank you very much and all the best. Kind regards S. A.

Today is Good Friday. On this high holiday of the year, people tend to reflect and show a sign of repentance towards God through prayer and fasting. The Pharisees did not want to repent when they met John the Baptist. Everything was fine in their illusory world. When asked about Peter Wenz’s behaviour, which was incompatible with the Christian faith and biblical values, a remaining pastor friend with whom I worked in debt counselling did not want to change his mind yet. Instead of dealing with unacceptable facts, he preferred to remember the positive moments of our common past (how strongly I trembled under the anointing) and only feels edified by very few good sentences. Negatives are completely blanked out and people who speak negatively are immediately removed from internet comments and later from the Free Church. I remember how my absolute role model and true hero with regard to feeding the poor, once warned about spiritual abuse in a way that makes you feel bad for a whole day when reading Jörg Hellenkamp’s cleansed.de. As a charismatic, one does not want and is not allowed to have bad feelings, as this is unbiblical. Instead of being unpleasantly admonished, one trusts the inner voice of the heart, which, however, is deceptive according to Jeremiah 17. The dear God, who is to be trusted, would never speak to one in the same way as all the prophets of the Old Covenant. The doctrine of nothing but fatherly love in hearing his voice is spread by leaders from Forum Prophetie, who have their words censored by Peter Wenz before they are allowed on the microphone. Coincidentally, I translated Reggie Ocampo from English into German for years in the Gospel Forum’s prophecy Bible school (an attempt to pass on my own impression was immediately stifled). The most important thing is always to think positively and keep your heart. Christians are always nice and friendly. Whoever dares to criticise the pastor is misguided and possessed by the devil. Reggie Ocampo was the biggest supporter through his prophecies when the man-hurting behaviour of Peter Wenz came out in the open through an email from his brothers on the board to all church members and at a general meeting. Humanly, it is too understandable that he jumps to the side of his best friend. Spiritually, he is making himself a false prophet because he is not confronting sin but covering it up. I have to laugh because I perceive the spirit of Jezebel completely differently.

In a dream before awakening – in the week of the Jewish festival of the removal of all leaven and dirt and dust – I saw a totalitarian CEO having a child by the staff-developing secretary. So what? No one cares these days, he said, it’s quite normal for the married boss to bang his attractive right-hand woman.

I am sure that for once it will not be swept under the carpet who supported and continues to support the dictatorial leader. Because of the enlightenment work on this website, it will be all the more difficult to talk your way out. What happens when it emerges that the Gospel Forum is a manipulative, hurtful cult whose immature members have been brainwashed into thinking it is the best, biggest, free evangelical >house< church in Germany? The deaf and blind pastors who keep praying for the fire of God to come into their homes will lose sight and hearing when it happens. The new logo of the Gospel Forum is a burning 6. It is more likely that the flaming, unfortunate symbol is meant to represent a capital G, an extremely popular distinctive sign among Freemasons.


Reinhard Bonnke is the Greatest

Reinhard Bonnke fits even better into the pattern of a super-evangelist and prosperity preacher. In terms of numbers, he was the greatest. In Nigeria, the German was highly revered. His triumphal processions through the streets were identical to the acclaimed Pope on the Popemobile. State presidents asked to be seated at the table. No one boasted of so many miracles and salvations of souls. Presently, a light is dawning on the faithful. He was nothing but a FALSE CHRIST. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for the rich man to go to heaven. The wealth was not shared with the poor. It went into a family foundation. The mission headquarters in Frankfurt was sold. Luxury real estate in Florida was bought as a retirement home. In his begging letters, the multimillionaire always complained about not having enough money. The typical misappropriation of donations by prosperity preachers. No. 1 meets No. 2, his good friend and „Dear Brother“ Benny Hinn was blessed by him a second time in 2013 in his marriage ceremony with Suzanne. The Lord was mightily praised for the great miracle of remarriage…

I have saved the obituary of God’s combine harvester on paper for today. IdeaSpectrum wrote in December 2019:

A role model for thousands

The president of the Bund Freikirchler Pfingstgemeinden (BFP), Pastor Johannes Justus (Hanover), wrote on Facebook that Bonnke had not spared himself so that people could come to know Jesus Christ (-:OR HIMSELF:-). He had been a role model for „thousands of leaders“ worldwide. Bonnke’s successor at Christ for All Nations, the US Pentecostal preacher Daniel Kolenda (Orlando), wrote that more than 79 million people had accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour through Bonnke’s work.

The name Jesus alone means salvation. Christ alone is the Anointed One. People trust that they have been saved through Bonnke’s anointing work. They believe in the ANTICHRIST. The judging God resists the arrogant. He gives grace to the humble. Lying, boastful, proud number lovers allow themselves to be idolised as preaching stars. Now they will be knocked off their self-exalted pedestal. The plain of Armageddon gives a picture. The immeasurably high Rock of Ages and Ancient of Days shatters its enemies into small pieces in the end.

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